Investment Banking

RW offers search, valuation, management and transaction structuring services to private equity groups.


Mergers and Acquisitions


Search, selection and negotiation with institutional and private investors.

Representation in the purchase or sale before strategic partners or investment funds.


Advisory and instrumentation in operations of purchase or sale of either total or partial shares.


Planning, preparation and implementation of public placements.


Development of business plans and valuations. Negotiations in family businesses, "agile, easy and impartial separation agreements "


Coordination of "due diligence" audits (strategic, operational, financial, legal and fiscal).


Accompaniment in the legal instrumentation of the transactions.


Corporate Finance



Search for private capital.   


Brokerage in the acquisition of credits.


Renegotiating debt

Financial strategy


Corporate restructuring


Debt policies


Capital structure optimization


Strategic Planning


Development of business plans focused on meeting objectives with a solid funding structure.



Design and accompaniment in entry strategies, growth and strengthening of the product portfolio.


Institutionalization and succession in family businesses.


Implementation of continuous planning processes, setting objectives and measuring results.




Determination of the market size, expected growth, and the competitive position of each player.


Identification of needs in the final clients.


Confirmation of investment decisions.




Private Capital


RW has been able to effectively maximize the value of its clients' investments, especially in technology, real estate and manufacturing, based on its consolidation thesis. Carrying out mergers and acquisitions within the same industry allows companies to position themselves at a higher level, attract more and larger clients, diversify the services they offer and maximize profitability.


Our philosophy is based on the development of operations under a scheme of high quality work, in the shortest possible time and seeking the best conditions.


We have experience in global transactions especially in the United States, Europe and Latin America.


Our team specializes in promoting companies in different stages of development, through strengthening financial and corporate structures, and implementing management programs aimed at increasing the profitability of the investments made.


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